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(Community Department Through G.W.P. Ranchi)


The need for giving emphasis on Skill Development, especially for the educated unemployed youth for(rural/Slums) has been highlighted in various forums. Unfortunately, our country’s current education unemployed youths are found wanting in this area, which is becoming their Achilles heel.

As India is on the path of economic development and the share of service sector’s contribution to the country is increasing (53% of GDP) it is becoming imperative that Government of India along with other nodal agencies play an important role in providing employable skills, with special emphasis on Skills.

Hence, need of the hour is some policy change at Apex level which will address the need of the changing economy and look at providing mandatory skills training to all educated unemployed youths, with a view to have them gainfully employed. This shift in policy will ultimately benefit all the stake holders, namely the individuals, industry, Government and the economy by way of providing employment, increasing the output/productivity and ultimately resulting in a higher DGP for the nation.

The purpose of the skill development is to create skilled and knowledge based manpower by empowering them technically so that they can earn their sustainable livelihood. Technology divided is clearly visible in Indian urban and rural society. Vast majority of Indian urban population and small fraction of those who live in rural areas and slums the benefits modern technologies.