>> Admission for Diploma in Engineering will start on 1st July in every year >> Classes will be started from August.

About GWP Diploma Courses

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

The dawn of the new age-The Computer Era-ushered promises of and new improved ways of thinking,living and working. The amount of information in the world is said to be doubling every six to seven years. In this computer age ,the computer is said to have literally revolutionized the way of person does his/her job or a whole multinational organizations operates their business. GWP started functioning with CSE as one of the streams later it work with IT.Currently the department has 60 student in eah batch.There are experienced competent faculty members in the department.The minimum qualification of the faculty members are B.TECH. The passed out students of CSE department of GWP are placed in various software multinational companies .Some of the students have chosen to advace their career further and join degree courses in various universities.

Department of Electrical Engineering

It was a sort of revolution in the field of electricity when DC generator produced electricity in the year 1896.India has,therefore, been cosistently trying to augment its capacity to produce more electricity.The first hydel power station in india was commissioned in the year 1897 at sidrapomg near Darjeling. After independence the total power generation of India was only 1713 MW.but now it has crossed 132330 MW.Per capita consumption of India is only about 650 per annum where as it is about more than eight thousand in Japan and in other developed countries.To achieve our target we need,first of all dedicated souls in this core branch of engineering studies. At GWP the teachers of the EE department have been trying their best to encourage the young generation to study electrical engineering.The aim of the department is to produce good quality engineers with updated knowledge.with this objective in mind a good number of efficient and experienced faculty members have been drawn not only form the academic world but also from industries. The faculty members teach the students in a way that enables them to fit in the modern development & growth of electricity and thereby serve the society.

Department of Electronics & communication Engineering

Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering have opportunities in government & priate companies for installation,operation and maintenance of Electronics & commnication equipments & systems.Defence space and other large reserch organizations employ electronics engineers in design and development of complex devices and system for signal processing and telecommunication.Industries involvedd in design and fabrication of devices,integrated circuits(ICS),embedded systems,electonics equipments etc.have also provided large scale placements for engineers with specialization.Installation and maintenance electronic equipments used for health care in hospital, equipments & system for instrumentation and control in process industries automation system of assembly line in production industries,etc are also handled by electronics engineers. The department has well-equiped laboratories,where students are given practical sessions. The distinctiveness of GWP ECE department has always been evident.The success rate of ECE students from this institute are also appreciable.

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