>> Admission for Diploma in Engineering will start on 1st July in every year >> Classes will be started from August.

Our Laboratory

Computer Lab

Lab Incharge-:Ms.Sushila Ekka

Lab Facility-:
* Programming Lab
* System Development Lab
* Advance Computing Lab

Electronics & Communication Lab

Professor Incharge-:Mr.Umesh Kumar

Lab Incharge-:Ms.Manju Mala Sinha

Lab Facility-:
* Electronics Lab
* Communication Lab
* Measurement Lab
* Digital & Microprocessor Lab
* Elective Lab

Electrical Lab

Professor Incharge-:Mr.Pappu Kumar

Lab Incharge-:Ms.Kunti Prasad

Lab Facility-:
* Electrical Lab
* Machine Lab
* Advance Lab


Professor Incharge-:Mr.Sanjay Joseph Toppo

Lab Incharge-:Mr.Jitendra Prasad

Workshop Facility-:
* Carpentry
* Electrical
* Fitting & Fabrication

Physics Lab

Professor Incharge-:Mrs.Mandira Chattergee

In Physics Lab various instrument are available like Vernier callipers,Screw Driver,Vernier Scale,etc. Two faculties Mrs.Mandira Chattergee and Mrs.Anju Lata are involved.

Chemistry Lab

Professor Incharge-:Mr.Sanjay Joseph Toppo

In Chemistry Lab more than 1500 chemicals are present like H2SO4,HCO3,Nacl,NaNO3,etc. All the equipments under the syllabus can be completed by the compound present in chemistry lab. Extra apparatus are also available.